Speaking Skills Coaching

Your future as a speaker is at stake if your skills are not
keeping up with your market or with what resonates with your listeners.

Stand out in the multitude of pretty good speakers whose messages are similar and whose names are easily forgotten, it is imperative that you develop the art of effective storytelling.

Fashion your stories into memorable truth carriers. Utilize a receptive, live audience to try out your new material.

Why should this be important to you?

The most powerful messages any of us have to give are those that come straight from the "gut" of our own lives. From the best lessons learned, from our trials by fire. From stories that show our participants that we, like they, are many faceted…and that they, like we, can reach higher personal and professional ground by reflecting on their own life journeys. With both the expected turning points and the surprises of life, our paths are many and varied: more fascinating than the plot of any play, because they are our own large and small dramas.

Life events and our reactions to them uncover who we are. Funny, sad, sublime, ridiculous, selfish, loving, giving, triumphant, poignant, silly, embarrassing, inspiring, dumb - every adjective we know might apply on any given day. Creatively taking advantage of all that you are helps your hearers be all they can be as well.

Your power as a speaker depends on how well you tell your stories, thus creating a bridge between your message and your listener's mind and heart.

Storytelling is the thoroughfare from their present to their past and thus to their futures.

Your stories can trigger the floodgates of your audiences' 'aha' memories, causing time itself - in reflection - to flow back to that long-ago instant when lessons were learned and perspectives and patterns were set. Re-examining a pattern shines a light on which ones to reinforce and enhance, and which ones to let go of forever.

The value of your vignette is simply this: it enables your audiences to revisit their own stories, and the decisions they made because of them. With your audience's guard down, they will be able to take another look at their choices. This is the key to unlocking their insights, their understanding, their creativity, their self acceptance, and their willingness to change and grow beyond where they are today.

The challenge of finding and excellently delivering your own unique message is crucial in today's parade of industries, conferences, and technology. Your strongest and best resource is your life experience.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Are you using your history, your viewpoint, and your stories to make unforgettable connections?
  • Are you captivating them in the best possible way?
  • Are you at remembering ¬†events; ordinary and extraordinary, that shaped your attitude and learning?
  • Are you painting pictures with words that will make unforgettable impressions for them?