Meet Emory Austin

Emory Austin

Emory Austin is recognized as one of only a handful of great women keynoters.

She is a member of the International Speaker's Hall of Fame, and was selected for her expertise, style, professionalism, reputation, and overwhelming audience response.

Each year, only five professional speakers are chosen for this distinguished commendation, and Emory was the sole woman honoree! In 2006 she was honored as a Legend of the Speaking Profession. Emory was the three-year host of an issue-based television talk show, and has been featured in best-selling Simon & Schuster anthologies by request of the publisher.

Emory is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wake Forest University with a major in writing and psychology.

Real Life Experience To Engage Your Audience

  • Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wake Forest University
  • As a creative entrepreneur, started her own business, Suite 1000 that is now a franchise.
  • Call-in Talk Show Host in the 90's . . . Name of Show was "Wellness, The 90's, and YOU!"
  • Member of the International Speaker Hall of Fame
  • Named a Legend of the Speaking Profession in 2009
  • 30-Year Breast Cancer survivor!

Emory Austin

Imagine Your Next Event With Emory

You're about to have a visit with yourself, your life, your relationships and your success. Emory Austin, often described as a "pin drop" speaker, is also fun, connecting, and insightful.

She takes a unique approach to what this adventure called 'life' is really all about.

Emory has confidence that is not arrogance; love of knowledge that is not snobbery. She tells moving stories that are not sentimental. She is vibrant without jumping around, and she is personal without being confessional. Emory has spoken for hundreds of organizations, and today she belongs to us.

Join her in looking at your own Power of Personal Perspective!

Please welcome International Hall of Fame speaker and Legend of the Speaking Profession….Emory Austin!!