Emory Austin

Emory Austin is internationally recognized as the presenter of one of this decade's must-hear messages.

Her Fortune 500 client list includes utilities, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, telecommunications, technology, banking, financial services, real estate, the CIA and other government agencies, direct sales, retail sales, food service, chambers of commerce, staffing, human resources, and defense organizations here and in Europe.

What makes Emory's message one that we wanted you to hear?

Each of us wants to succeed. Conflicting advice and easy, bullet-point answers pop up everywhere. Our ways of making all of it work, however, are as different as our personalities and as varied as our skills. Emory's expert research indicates that the best approach for each of us must come from the way we view, build on, and use the individual strengths that life's lessons have already handed us.

Emory's Topics, Themes & Titles

An Ounce Of Different

Leadership, Motivation, Team Building

Here it is: the success-seeker's definitive edge. Your own unique insights and the ways you activate them are your master keys to success. You'll learn to build on these strengths and construct more purposeful leadership. Playing to your strengths forms an internal alliance between them, your organization and your market.

Making your differences memorable and profitable as you strive for mastery and impact will protect you from copycats and piracy, and will propel you beyond your competition!

When you create a planned team environment, extraordinary performance becomes a daily occurrence. Emory opens doors to "aha" solutions that everyone will grasp, discuss, and use.

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